Lailolá Safari Spanish School are Spanish lessons.

Lailolá Safari means language and cultural immersion

The purpose of learning a language is to communicate effectively and with confidence. This doesn’t really happen in a classroom; therefore, you need a real-life framework to be truly effective.

Lailolà Safari Spanish School instructors will teach you Spanish in the most significant, beautiful and exciting parts of Madrid and Tenerife Island.

Lailolá is the mobile Spanish school that meets at the most amazing places with a view of learning, not only the Spanish language, but also about Spain’s rich culture and cuisine.

The Safari Spanish program offers an unforgettable, fun experience of Spanish classes while visiting breath-taking areas and discovering the local cuisine.

Safari Spanish SchoolSafari Spanish SchoolSafari Spanish School

Lailolá Safari Spanish School is a new educational project, based in Madrid and Tenerife Island with a specific purpose: teaching Spanish to initial levels through direct communication and interaction with the environment.
 The school, with a young and innovative mind-set, has designed a program that puts the student into full contact with the Spanish language and culture through a unique combination of classes and leisure activities.

Safari Spanish School

Practical exercises are held on site in the most significant places.

This approach immerses you in Spanish language and culture from day one.

Our Method integrates learning with fun activities in a real environment and provides a personalized and accelerated approach to language learning.

 Students can join most courses any week of the year.