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Today I ‘d like to continue giving good info about Madrid and places where students have to do practical exercise with the best Spanish teachers in Madrid!

Spanish School MadridAfter a class in the heart of Tribunal, (the Safari Spanish School has an office in Calle San Joaquin) we move to “Plaza del Dos de Mayo”. From la Plaza del Grial it is very easy to get Dos de Mayo.
Around you are going to find three of our favorite places of Tribunal Area.

First there is the restaurant “Ojalá”, it is the only place in Madrid that you can find an authentic beach (yes, with real sand!!) in the down floor. Amazing!
In the opposite corner there is the best pizza (Argentinian Style) to take away.
This little area called Plaza Juan Pujol has an incredible atmosphere. It is wonderful to stop for while and feel the vibes of the area! worth it.

Spanish classes MadridIf you are looking for a real vintage Shop, you are in the right place. In  Calle Corredera Alta de San Pablo there is the best shop of Madrid, “Retro Madrid”. It is very easy to find good and original clothes.

Finally, there is a place called La Blanca Paloma in calle Espiritu Santo. In that place you are gonna receive many quality tapas for free. You only have to ask for a beer. You are going to freaking out!

Now imagine yourself, having a Spanish class, first in our classroom of Tribunal,  and then having  practical exercises in these places.
We strongly believe that the cultural immersion is granted.

Don’t hesitate, and book the Safari Spanish School. A great choice for knowing Madrid and Spanish culture with local teachers.

Are you ready for a new experience?


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