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Safari Spanish School in Tenerife!! why?????

I’d like to tell you, why learning Spanish at Lailolá Safari Spanish School is so INCREDIBLE!

So you’ve decided to add some flair to your travels and visit a Latin country. The sights, the sounds, the food, the local color….

these are the things you’re looking for. Unfortunately, you don’t speak Spanish. This can be a major handicap when you need to use the bathroom, for example.

Knowing how to order a meal, or a cold beer, or getting directions to the bus stop, train station, museum, or the hospital if necessary can make your trip more rewarding and enjoyable than you can imagine.

And you always find that locals tend to appreciate the efforts at trying to speak their language

Reasons to Learn Spanish at Lailolá Safari Spanish School!

Safari Spanish School Tenerife

Learning Spanish at Lailolá Safari Spanish School is necessary to keep pace with popular culture.

Learning Spanish at Lailolá Safari Spanish School is actually a medical device!

For many, learning Spanish is rapidly becoming a business necessity. Learn Spanish for business at Lailolá Safari Spanish School


Spanish, Spanish everywhere. Never Forget!!


Learning Spanish will (truly) expand your universe. At Lailolá Safari Spanish School you will discover how Spanish is useful!

Knowing Spanish will completely transform your travel experience.

Knowing how to speak Spanish will enable you to help others.

Learning Spanish at Lailolá Safari Spanish School will allow you to better appreciate Hispanic cultural contributions.

Learning Spanish at Lailolá Safari Spanish School is fun! Teachers are fantastic!

Check it out!!! BASIC QUESTIONS

Where is… – Donde esta (doan-day eh-stah)

How much is it – Cuanto cuesta (kwan-toe kway-stah)

What is your name? – Como se llama (coh-moh say yah-mah)

Where are my shoes? – Donde estan mis zapatos (dohn-day eh-stahn mees sah-pah-tose)

Who’s the blonde stranger (female)? – Quien es la estranjera rubia (key-en es la ehs-trahn-hair-ah roo-bee-ah) -

Who’s the blonde stranger (male)? – Quien es la estranjero rubio (key-en es la ehs-trahn-hair-oh roo-bee-oh)

Hey, you never know…..

Generally, when you mispronounce something, people will smile and be amused, so don’t be nervous about getting everything right the first time.


Here – Aqui (ah-key)

There – Alli (ah-yee)

Everywhere – Por Dondequiera (pour dohn-day key-air-ah)

The Corner – Rincon (reen-cone)(corner of the room)

The Corner- Esquina (es-key-nah) (corner of the block)

Straight – Derecho (deh-ray-cho)

Right- Derecha (deh-ray-chah)

Left – Izquierda (ees-key-air-dah)

Ahead – Adelante (ah-day-lahn-tay)

Behind – Detras de (day-trahs day)

In(inside) – Adentro (ah-dent-row)

Out(outside) Afuera (ah-fwhere-ah)

Railroad – Ferrocarril (fair-oh-car-rill)

Train – Tren (Trehn)

Bus – Autobus (Ow-tow-boos)

Car – Coche (koh-chay)

Taxi – Taxi (this one is pretty universal)

Plane – Avion (ah-vee-own)

Airport – Aeropuerto (ay-air-oh-pwer-toe)

Station – Estacion (eh-stah-see-own)

Hotel – Hotel (oh-tell)

Hostel – Hostel (oh-stahl)

City – Cuidad (see-ooh-dahd)

Country – Pais (pahy-ees)

Store – Tienda (tee-en-dah)

Market – Mercado (mair-cah-doe)

Restaurant – Restaurante (res-tau-rahn-tay)

Bus stop- Parada (pah-rah-dah)


The Museum – El Museo (el-moo-say-oh)

The Park – El Parque (el par-kay)

The Church – La Iglesia (lah ee-glay-see-ah)

The Library – La Bibliotheca (lah beeb-lee-oh-tay-kah)

A Monument – El Momunento (el mon-ooh-meant-oh)

The Aquarium – El Acuario (el ah-kwar-ee-oh)

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