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Arriving Late? no worries.Spanish school Madrid & Tenerife


In Spain and Latin America, it is expected that guests will arrive “late” to a social activity, especially in the evening, in some South American countries, such as Chile, it is al

most considered impolite to arrive on time, as your host will probably not be totally prepared for guests yet. If you arrive 15 minutes to a half an hour after the stated time, you are considered “on time”. Late arrival is not considered rude or impolite.

This relaxed attitude does not extend to work or school attendance, however. For an interview, a job, or class attendance, arrive on time. When traveling by bus or plane in a foreign country, it’s safer to arrive on time at the terminal just in case (even though you may have to wait for your transportation after all).

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En España y América Latina, se espera que los invitados a un acto social lleguen un poco”tarde”, especialmente de noche. En algunos países de Sudamérica, como Chile, es casi considerado de mala educación llegar a tiempo, ya que el anfitrión probablemente no estará totalmente preparado. Si llegas de media entre 15 minutos a media hora después de la hora señalada, se considerará “a tiempo”. Llegar tarde no se considera grosero o descortés.

Esta actitud relajada no se extiende al trabajo o al colegio. Para una entrevista, un trabajo, o la asistencia a clase, llegar a tiempo es vital.

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Lailolà Safari Spanish School instructors will teach you Spanish in the most significant, beautiful and exciting parts of Tenerife Island.

Lailolá Safari Spanish School is the Open-Air, mobile, Spanish school that meets at the most amazing places on the island with a view of learning, not only the Spanish language, but also about Spain’s rich culture and cuisine.

The Safari Spanish lessons program offers an unforgettable, fun week with more than 30 hours of instruction while visiting breath-taking areas and discovering the local cuisine.

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