From London


(from London to Tenerife)

Safari Spanish School

Lailolá Safari Spanish School organize Immersion Programs from London to Tenerife and to Madrid.

Our teacher and partner Susana Trill organize all you need for coming to Lailolá Tenerife/Madrid. 

Are you thinking of accelerating your study of Spanish by spending a couple weeks or much of a year in a foreign country?

Do you know What is immersion language study?

It is learning a foreign language by living it. In Lailolá Safari Spanish School, the student doesn’t study only in the formal sense — he or she lives the language.

The main goal of this program, which meet in small classes, is to help students, from day one, to increase confidence in their ability to use their new language in a wide range of real-life situations and improve their oral skills as they progress from level to level.



Upon completion of an intensive or an immersion program, students can expect to feel comfortable speaking in a variety of situations and to have gained a solid understanding of the grammatical, structural and cultural aspects of the language.

The Safari Spanish lessons program offers an unforgettable, fun week with more than 20 hours of instruction while visiting breath-taking areas and discovering the local cuisine.

Safari Spanish School

If you decide to come from London, our Teacher&Partner Susana Trill will guide and help you from there to our School in Tenerife.susana

Please contact the school for further information!